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History, Types, What, When & Why Air Duct Cleaning

What Is An Air Duct?

The air duct system in your house is one of the most important systems. If the ducts are not clean, poorly sealed, or improperly insulate, you could experience higher energy bills. When a cleaning is necessary, you can call united-duct-cleaning at 212 401-0694 for advice.

Most homes have a system of tubes that branch out into the floors, ceilings, and maybe the walls. This system of tunnels carries air from one area of your home to other areas of your home. Typically, the air is transported from the furnace or air conditioner to each of the rooms in the house.

The system is referred to as your air ducts. These ducts can be made from a variety of materials including:

• Fiberglass
• Sheet metal
• Fiberboard

When this air duct system leaks the cold or hot air into spaces that are not heated, it can cost you money. When an air duct is blocked and needs cleaning, it can also cause higher heating and cooling bills.

If your system is efficient and well-designed, it will distribute the air evenly and adequately throughout the living area. A good air duct system will also have balanced supply and return flow which provides a neutral pressure within the home.

When determining the efficiency of your duct system, you can quickly check for adequate return air capacity by:

1. Shutting all of the doors and windows to the outside
2. Shutting all of the entries inside
3. Turning on the central air unit
4. Open one interior door a crack and watch to see if it closes or opens on its own.

If there is an issue, it may be because your ducts need cleaning. The local expert cleaners at united-duct-cleaning can provide an inspection using an advanced camera system to determine if your ducts need cleaning or if they are improperly sealed or improperly insulated. These clean experts are certified and licensed. You can call 212 401-0694 today to schedule an affordable inspection or get a free quote for a professional cleaning job.

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Air Duct Cleaning When

When it comes to knowledge about cleaning air ducts, there is limited information about the benefits and possible problems associated with this process. The experts at united-duct-cleaning at 212 401-0694 are local professionals who can help provide this vital information. The conditions related to ducting systems in homes are all different which makes it almost impossible to determine if air duct cleaning would be beneficial.

If mold or dust cannot be seen with a visual inspection and no one in the house has allergies or other illnesses, cleaning the air ducts is probably not necessary. It is important to remember that the return registers on the floor, ceiling, or walls will get dusty. This dust does not indicate that there is dust inside of the ducting. If you have dust on the registers, you can just vacuum it away.

However, if anyone in the house is suffering from unexplained respiratory symptoms or allergies that may be caused by the environment of the home, the first step is to consult a doctor about the situation. Next, the EPA has publications to guide you in determining indoor air quality issues and offers advice on how to fix or prevent these issues. You should also contact an air duct cleaning expert such as united-duct-cleaning at 212 401-0694.

A variety of other reasons to have your air ducts include:

• Rodents or insects infest the ducts
• Dust, debris, or particles clog the ducts
• Mold present on any component of the heating or cooling system

If mold is present, you should understand numerous significant facts. First, a visual inspection is impossible on most of your heating and cooling system. This fact requires you to ensure your service person shows you any mold that may be present.

Various items may look like mold, but mold may not be present. A licensed expert in a laboratory can only make an affirmative determination. If you take an example of the substance, you can have it tested. The best way to gather a sample is by using transparent sticky tape.

Another thing you should understand is some ducts cannot be cleaned. For example, if the insulation in an insulated duct gets wet, it will typically mold and must be replaced. It is also important to remember that the source of the mold must be removed or the mold will return.

The experts at united-duct-cleaning can ensure the proper measures will be taken to clean the ducts correctly. Call today at 212 401-0694 for a free quote.

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The History of the Air Duct

Above your head or below your feet in almost every building you enter, there is an air duct system that goes unnoticed. This clean air ducts system achieves an incredible showing of engineering every day. With this air duct system, we are able to control the environment. For example, when it is cold outside, we can use this system to spread hot air inside.

Air ducts started with the use of flues and chimneys by the Chinese and Greek. They began using these types of systems in the 7th century. A chimney was used to prevent smoke from entering the area to be heated.

In 300 BC, the Romans utilized the first central heating technology by creating a sequence of tubes below a tile floor in order to heat rooms. These tubes were connected to a wood furnace that was located in a central area, and the tubes were used to carry the hot air to other areas.

The people of the Renaissance era were the first to realize that sending hot water or steam in this ducting system would help heat a building also. This system was the leading force behind the creation of radiator. This process of heating was used until the late 19th century to heat buildings.

Benjamin Franklin, in 1758, discovered that vaporization of alcohol could cool air. During this same period, Michael Faraday discovered ammonia could be compressed and liquefied to get the same results as Franklin’s alcohol.

When a publishing company needed to keep the paper from wrinkling, the Carrier Air Conditioning company invented a device to push air over icy coils to regulate the air temperature and humidity. The atomized sprayer was developed in 1906. This sprayer used a bundle of ducts filled with water to cool air. This system was prevalent in textile manufacturing plants.

Freon for modern air conditioners was created in 1930. This product was used to evaporate and condense in air conditioners. Freon was used in window units that would cost around $150,000 in today’s market. It wasn’t until World War 2 that this air conditioning unit became standard leading the way to central air and heating.

This amazing system of ducts must be in good repair and clean to work properly. If you have ducts that need to be clean, you can call your local cleaners at 212 401-0694 for affordable and professional advice. These certified and licensed experts will give you a free quote for cleaning your air duct system. So, call or visit united-duct-cleaningtoday.

Types of Ducts

Air ducts are used when you want to transfer hot or cold air from the source to other rooms in your home. It does not matter which type of ducting you currently have because united-duct-cleaning at 212 401-0694 can professionally clean any type of air duct. However, two types of air ducting are available which include:

  • Flexible
  • Rigid

Rigid air ducts are typically made from:

  • Sheet Metal
  • Fiberboard
  • Fiberglass

The flexible duct is designed from durable plastic with spring steel wire helix inside. This type of ducting is more affordable than other types and installs easier. The flexible nature of this ducting allows it to be placed into tight spaces. This feature allows it to go where rigid ducting cannot. When installing flexible ducting, it is important to remember to avoid excessive twisting which can cause kinks and sags.

Rigid ducting comes in three different types which are sheet metal, fiberboard, and fiberglass. Typically, these types of ducts are better for long-term but can be harder to install due to their stiffness. You cannot install these types in smaller spaces because they are not flexible.

The sheet metal style is the most popular type of rigid ducts. These air ducts are made of aluminum or galvanized steel. This ducting is also the most durable, but they also require cleaning more frequently. They tend to trap dust and other particles because they are airtight and solid.

Fiberboard is a well-insulated duct which is created from fiberglass. The strands from the fiberglass are pasted together with resin with foil exteriors. The outside of these ducts is well-insulated and smooth. However, the inside of the ducts is left rough to touch. This roughness can affect the efficiency of air travel. This substantial barrier could cause mold to develop inside the ducts. When this happens, cleaning is necessary.

Fiberglass ducts are sheet metal ducts that are covered in fiberglass. Sometimes the fiberglass covers only the outside, but other times, it includes just the inside. It is even possible for the fiberglass to cover both interior and exterior. Fiberglass is terrible for you, so these ducts are sealed to prevent fiberglass entering the air stream. These ducts are hard to clean because of this sealant.

Which type of ducting does your home have? The licensed and certified experts at united-duct-cleaning can be reached at 212 401-0694. These experts can offer professional air duct cleaning at affordable prices regardless of the type of ducts. You should call today for any questions or for a free quote.

How Often Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

A variety of homeowners hire reputable air duct cleaning contractors like united-duct-cleaning at 212 401-0694 and are extremely happy with the results. However, various experts disagree about the advantages or benefits of having your air ducts cleaned.

Even though, there is a disagreement among the experts, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association suggests that household air ducts should be cleaned every three to six years. If the circumstances require it, the ducts should be cleaned every two to three years.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the area of the country you live in, the amount of usage the system receives, and on the health of the people in the home. For example, if someone in the house has allergies or asthma; the ducts will need to be cleaned more frequently.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued recommendations for the cleaning of your air ducts. If there is a suspicion of a mold being present, a person should call a cleaner to do an inspection. Sometimes substances can look similar to mold but are not actually mold. It requires a laboratory test to make a determination.

The EPA also suggests you have your ducts clean if any vermin are present. Rodents and insects can nest inside of the ducting without you being aware of their presence. If you notice rodents or insects in other parts of the home, it is likely they are also in the air ducts.

When the air is leaving the ducts through the vents, a poof of dust may be visible. This dust being released is an indicator of dirty ducting. This release requires an inspection by a trained expert also.

Sometimes a visual inspection of the ducts can tell you the ducting needs to be cleaned. For example, if you can see black debris around the outside of the vent register, it is a sign of pollutants. The black debris is the pollutants being recycled by the system multiple times.

The filter can also indicate a need for cleaning. If dust buildup is present, then a cleaning needs to be complete. You can schedule a free quote and inspection by calling united-duct-cleaning at 212 401-0694.

How To Find The Best Air Duct Cleaning Company?

When looking for an air duct cleaning company, you can check in the yellow pages or call the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Do not believe that all duct cleaners are the same. Most service providers will provide a written estimate when asked. These estimates can be a way to choose a provider. However, if you are looking for local cleaners, you can contact united-duct-cleaning at 212 401-0694.

When looking for a provider, do not choose one that has sweeping claims about the health benefits of duct cleaning. Many of these claims are not true. If a company recommends routine cleaning, they should not be hired. The Environmental Protection Agency does not certify a company. The EPA does not set cleaning standards or endorses cleaning companies.

When a company is cleaning your air ducts, they should not use chemical biocides or any other chemical treatments unless you entirely comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of using the chemicals.

Another good idea when choosing a cleaning company is to check references. This reference check can be done with online reviews. A phone call to your local Better Business Bureau can help establish good and bad references also.

The EPA does not set standards. However, the NADCA does. When you are looking for an air duct cleaning provider, you should interview them about their cleaning procedures, experience, and price.

Sometimes, a service provider will hold a state license. Some states, such as Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, and Texas, require cleaners to hold an exclusive license. The list of states that require licenses frequently changes so be sure to check.

If the service provider charges by the hour, it is critical to ask for an estimate of the total amount of hours require for your ducts. It is also important to ask for a completion date. A written agreement that includes overall cost and time is a bonus.

The above items may seem a little extreme, but if you are looking for a reputed company, they will have no problems answering all of your questions. United-duct-cleaning will take the time to answer all of your questions and give you a free quote. Call them today at 212 401-0694 to schedule a consultation.

Why is Air Duct Cleaning Important?

Is a clean air duct significant? Many experts disagree about the answer to this question. Some believe that it is unnecessary while others think it guarantees a better indoor air quality. Mold, bacteria, and fungi can grow in an area that has the right conditions. Sometimes air ducts provide the perfect conditions.

These contaminants reduce the quality of air in your home. This poor air quality can lead to health issues. When you renovate, see mold in ductwork, or see a pest infestation in the ductwork, it almost becomes mandatory to clean the ducting system.

However, five items make duct cleaning important. These items include:

• Saving energy and money
• Help keep the house free of dust
• Give your equipment a longer lifespan
• Provide safety for fires
• Indoor air quality improvement

When the ducts have an accumulation of dust and debris, the heating and cooling system in your home has to work harder to provide efficient results. The system will need to use more energy to get the same results. It costs you more when your ducts are dirty because of this excess use of power.

Sometimes after you think your house is clean, you will notice a layer of dust remains. This layer is probably coming from your air ducts. Dark lines may also be present around the vents or light carpets. These signs indicate that fine dust is circulating the house. Proper cleaning of the air ducts will help keep the house free of dust.

When discussing heating and cooling system failures, most HVAC professionals will indicate dust and dirt to be one of the causes. As stated above, dust and dirt make the system work harder which can put a strain on different parts of the system. A clean ducting system will increase the lifespan of your heating system by allowing it to work effortlessly.

Some furniture and clothing produce lint. This lint can enter the ducting system of your home. A buildup of fiber in the ducts can be overheated and cause a fire. A clean tube will reduce this fire hazard by reducing the lint.

If you have your ducts cleaned, a variety of contaminants will be removed from the ducting. This removal will increase the quality of the indoor air.

Air duct cleaning is important. You can call united-duct-cleaning at 212 401-0694 to take care of all of your duct cleaning needs.

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The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

One of the most critical systems for heating and cooling your home is the air ducts. They are responsible for circulating the air from your heating and cooling unit to the rooms in your house. This movement of air keeps the temperature consistent regardless of the time of year.

hvac-cleaning-servicesThis air is circulated throughout the house numerous times a day. The air is the same air that the entire family breathes. It is vital that this air is as clean as possible. With the ducts being clean, you receive a variety of benefits.

The top five benefits include:

• A cleaner living area
• A reduction of irritants and allergens
• Easier to breathe
• Removal of stale air and other unpleasant smells
• Improved air flow

With clean ducts, your living area is cleaner. Professional cleaned air ducts help to eliminate the dust that continues to circulate in the air. This fact helps to remove this dust from furniture, bedding, flooring, and a variety of other areas.

Contaminants and micro-organisms also buildup in the air ducts. With a professional cleaner, they will reduce the number of irritants and allergens that are floating through the air.

When these allergens and irritants are reduced, everyone regardless of any health issues will be able to breathe easier. A cleaner air duct helps to promote well-being by ensures a more comfortable breathing environment.

The odors from pets, scrubbing products, mold, and tobacco can create stale air. With cleaner air ducts, these odors will be reduced. Clean tubes also help to reduce other unpleasant odors trapped in the ducts.

When your ductwork and air vents have a buildup of dust and debris, it can restrict airflow. With an excellent service provider, they will remove these items and increase airflow making your unit operate more efficiently.

If you want to take advantage of these benefits, you should call united-duct-cleaning at 212 401-0694 to schedule an inspection and free quote.

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